Buying my first new car: Honda Elevate

Buying my first new car: Honda Elevate


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I'm not a car enthusiast but I love driving a lot. Mostly sedate.

  • Existing car: Hyundai Eon (2012 - 3rd owner)
    Bought for Rs. 1L two years ago for learning.
    Refurbishment cost: Rs. 80k

  • Honda Elevate SV (Base) - Pearl White

  • Dealer: Joy Honda Sirsa Hisar

  • Invoiced: December 2023 (before price hike)

  • Delivery & RTO: January 2024

  • Mostly driving in: Delhi NCR, Registration: Sirsa, Haryana

  • Test driven: Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Toyota Hyryder, Volkswagen Taigun

  • 1st free service done


  • Ex-showroom: Rs. 11,07,900

  • TCS: Rs. 11,079

  • Insurance (National Insurance Company) (1yrs comprehensive, 3yrs third party): Rs. 51, 281

  • Insurance Return to Invoice + Zero dep + Lock/Key replacement: Rs. 2,000

  • Logistics: Rs. 5,900

  • RTO: Rs. 91,828

  • Accessories (Seat cover + mats, not basic kit): Rs. 12,000

  • Extended Warranty: Rs. 18,290

  • Discount (Insurance): 13,278

Showroom to road total:Rs. 12.87L (without third party accessories)

After third party accessories: Rs. 13.5L

Before you buy, check out prices on AckoDrive first.
I was getting Honda Elevate Rs. 20k cheaper via AckoDrive but it wasn't available in my city and I didn’t want hassle of buying from a far-away dealership.
Check if yours is nearby.

Also, you can force dealership to remove the logistics charge of Rs. 5,900. In case they don't agree, just write an email to Honda support and cc your dealership GM.

In my case, I didn't force since the dealership obliged me by parking my vehicle in their showroom for over a month after invoice since I couldn’t get time to visit hometown and pickup.

It's important to maintain a good relation with your dealership and service manager since they are going to assist you with ongoing services and insurance claims.

Thoughts after driving 1600KMs in 14 days

Highway: 1,300KMs (Sirsa-Hisar-Rohtak-Delhi, Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla)
City: 300KMs (Mostly Central Delhi)

  • Driving experience - The best! Best in segmen viewing angle, handling, steering feedback, seat position & posture.
    A lot better than Creta & Hyryder.
    Taigun was good too.

  • Comfort - Best in class suspension & comfy seats. Excellent incline. Highest ground clearance. No comparison in segment.

  • Looks - Not a fan of boxy design but like this one. Like rear more.
    Creta: Really liked the oldest Creta (2015 version) but didn't like facelifts.
    Seltos: Loved it. Especially dark colors. Even more than Elevate.

    Hyryder: Loved the black color. Looks larger. But buying black color wasn't a choice.
    Elevate: Black front grill goes best with white body.

    Blue & grey color look the best but dust particle & scratches may get more highlighted. White paint is also easier to match aftermarket and keeps the vehicle cooler in summer. Silver looks good too. Didn't like orange.

  • Engine: Sufficient. Butter smooth. Okayish acceleration . Can't compare it to Turbo variant of Taigun. My local car mechanic loves Honda engines.

  • Interior: Looks cheap, no leather, no piano finish (in SV variant). Competition provides much premium feeling interior at same price.

  • Fuel Economy: Not great. Early to evaluate though.
    0 to 1,000KMs City: 8KMpl, Highway: 11KMpl
    1,000 to 1,500KMs City: 9KMpl, Highway: 13.5KMpl
    Post 1,500KMs & first service: City: 11KMpl, Highway: 16Kmpl
    All with AC on and mid-high fan.
    All MID.

Minor details:

  • Engine sound in cabin - Only above 3k RPM. Love it. Silent on idle.

  • Tyres noise in cabin - It's too much! Should have provided better insulation.

  • No armrest/cupholder in rear seat (in SV variant)

  • Front armrest is far from steering.

  • Wipers could’ve been better


  • Seat Cover: Honda Original Luxurious Black - around Rs. 10,000 (in lieu of basic kit)
    Love it.

  • Flooring: Generic, from local shop - Rs. 1,500 including fitting.
    Not a must.
    Got it done since we eat very occasionally in car and also a few friend feel nausea when on hills.
    Requires seats detachment. Get it done from experts only.
    Make sure each screw has been tightened post process.

  • Mats: Honda Original 3 piece - around Rs. 2,000 (in lieu of basic kit)
    Very basic.
    Doesn't look premium. Not sure if waterproof.

  • Mats: HEXES 10D AntiSkid Black custom made for Elevate - Rs. 5,500
    Fits ok. Looks premium. Matt finish.
    Worth it.
    Out of stock on Amazon.

  • Dicky Mat: AutoFit 3 Layer Waterproof - Rs. 1,500
    Worth it.

  • Parcel Tray: Wooden custom made from local shop - Rs. 1,500

  • Dashcam: Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro (with GPS Log, 1080p) - Rs. 4,500
    Using same dashcam in my previous car since more than a year now.
    Must have accessory for your own safety.
    Prevented me from wrong challan 2 times (red light jumps).

  • Exhaust Muffler: Generic - Rs. 700
    Looks really good on Elevate.
    No utility.
    Checked with service advisor, doesn't block original exhaust passage much.

  • Car Door Handle Protector: Autokaar PU Finger Transparent Scratch Guard - Rs. 250
    Didn't stick. Had to throw away.
    Not recommended.

  • Trash Can: APPUCOCO Mini Car Trash Bin - Rs. 200
    Worth it.
    Perfect use as ashtray.

  • Door Guard: iPop Black - Rs. 150
    Poor quality.
    Poor adhesive.
    Threw away.
    Better to buy from Honda (around Rs. 750) or generic premium quality (around Rs. 300)
    White looks better.

  • Mud Flaps: Carizo - Rs. 700
    Quality was good. Fit well.
    Doesn't look aftermarket.

  • Perfume: Involve Musk - Rs. 350
    Using it for years.
    The best.

  • Key Cover: Shopoflux TPU - Rs. 280

    Loved it.

  • Valve Caps: Contacts for Honda - Rs. 300
    Really good quality.

  • Wheel Covers: Prigan Black Silver 16 inch - Rs. 2,000
    Loved it.
    If rims are silver, make sure to get them painted matt black before installing these covers for best look.
    Paint cost: Rs. 1,000 (2 hours job)
    No need to get very high quality paint like Cobra as it's not very visible.

  • Wiper Detergent: Generic tablets - Rs. 200
    Worth it.

  • Steering Wheel Cover: Nikavi (Medium Size 38cm) (O-shaped) - Rs. 800
    Loved it.
    No stitches. Self install.
    Good grip and piano finish.

  • Body Cover: Auto Hub Waterproof - Rs. 1,000
    Okayish quality.
    Fits well.

  • Wheel Lock: Aoterman - Rs. 1,600
    You can get it for Rs. 700 in local market. Just check if it's Aoterman and keys do work.
    Tricky to use it with wheel covers.

  • Door Shock Absorbers: Arkzo 8 piece - Rs. 300
    Don't buy, no need.

  • Entry Guard Protector Strip: Vinsu Black Tape - Rs. 400
    Don't buy, no need.

  • Roof Rails: Welcome - Rs. 2,000
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty)
    Looks similar to original but it's risky.
    The original ones are drilled to the roof but aftermarket roof rails are pasted using an adhesive on your car roof.
    Lost adhesive in first rain.
    Could get detached and harm someone on road.
    Elevate looks good without roof rails too. Looks like sedan.

  • Infotainment: Blaupunkt Ft. Lauderdale 900 9inch - Rs. 21,000
    Includes canbus, harness & frame.
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Current Elevate frame in market doesn't fit well. There's a slight gap on top.
    Seamless wireless Apple Carplay. Bought this unit for good Carplay experience only.
    Fast startup.

  • Speakers: JBL Stage 2 Component with Tweeters (2 pairs) - Rs. 10,500
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Average sound output, nothing exceptional.
    Try other options in this price range first and then decide.

  • Ambient Lights: Cardi K4 with Bluetooth - Rs. 6,000
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Wasn't a big fan of aftermarket lights but love it now.
    Soothing colors and patterns.
    Over brightness and colors may cause distractions in driving, use responsibly.

  • Reverse Camera: Blaupunkt Reverse Camera - Rs. 2,500
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Good quality, does the job.
    Wide viewing angle.
    Good night view.
    Elevate already offers parking sensors. Goes really well with it.

  • Fog lights: A good local brand, forgot name - Rs. 2,000
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Includes casing & relay.

  • LED Fog Lamps Bulb: A good local brand, forgot name - Rs. 2,000
    Bought from Karol Bagh market (no bill, warranty).
    Like it.

  • Anti-Fog Spray: Vista Fog Demister - Rs. 200
    Since no rear wiper and defogger in SV variant.
    Yet to try.

  • Vanity Mirror: Zep+ Clipon - Rs. 300

That's it for now! Spent good 2 hours writing this on a Sunday morning :)